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Introduce you to world's best
- 100's of best choice channels
- Specialized IPTV Business - Solutions
- LIVE TV and hundreds of hour recorded HD shows
Introduce you to world's best
- 100's of best choice channels
- Specialized IPTV Business - Solutions
- LIVE TV and hundreds of hour recorded HD shows

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Know about Basic subscriptions details and packages

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Complete process and setup guide to install IPTV

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IPTV Boxes

You can enjoy thousands of recorded TV Shows, series, Movies and live HD channels by paying a small amount you can easily afford.


4K Ultra HD Media Streamer Powered by Android TV™. Includes voice remote control.


A superior TV experience in an IPTV receiver; easy to use, many options, flexible and with constant improvements and new features.

IPTV Packages

Watch IPTV from your Internet service provider or free live TV channels from any other source on the web.

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On-Site visit of Technician
Multiple products discounts
Members special Discount
Manufacture Warranty
Upto to 6 MONTH Free on Referral Discount
SAME DAY Delivery (only in GTA)
Fast & Stable Service
Compatible With All Devices
Over 1500 Live Channels
Over 4000 Movies
All Mode of Payment

About Us

specialized IPTV business solutions

Technology is expanding and adding an important role to our daily routine lives. If you are paying many bills to watch TV of your best choice Channels, you should try our services to save hundreds of hard-earned dollars. We are leading a new age of specialized IPTV business solutions that consistently help thousands of customers to have LIVE TV and hundreds of hours of recorded HD shows. 

Our head office is based in Brampton, but we offer our services and shipping facilities across Canada and the USA.

Exclusive Offer

Become Reseller CONTACT IPTV

IPTV is an exciting business in which you help the community by providing them service and you can establish your monthly income as well byspending a small amount. Register as a Reseller in the system and begin selling your products based on a wholesale price. Create your own IPTV Company now.


What Our Customers Say About Us

Client testimonials are engaging, authentic, and your potential customers. Lets see what real people think about Contact IPTV

Denzil Fernandes

Best provider, with the best prices, I've used! Never any issues with service but if unforeseen glitches happen, they provide step by step instructions on how to fix it! They always reply quickly and keep me updated! Never had any issues with recharging. Always available and very polite. Thank you for your service.

Pam Bal

Enjoying the vast number of channels, movies and series available for a very competitive price. VOD is excellent … available in the language of your choice. Excellent customer service. IT responds in a timely manner and solves any issues. Highly recommend this service

Jo Chandra

Great service. Always patient and professional when I need help. They always do their best to answer all questions and check with manufacturer when they don't. I would recommend these guys if you are looking for affordable options.

Rajat Bhatia

Using it for 2 years now. Hands down the best in customer support. Nasir has been quick and responsive. Indian Channels quality is very good. Highly recommend

Akash Divakaran

Review TextGreat Iptv Subscription with great Support. Easy and Fast Setup via WhatsApp, any trouble in trying to setup their Customer Support are Fantastic and always there to Help. Can't Recommend enough. Great Service

Matt Doraty

The agent was able to walk me through how to set everything up on my old android box with their service over the phone. The agent set me up with a two day trial to see if this was right for me and I subscribed for the full service shortly after. I highly recommend this to anyone.

Rajesh Gupta

Best IPTV in the town. Advance and helpful Team. Javariya is very talented and professional in her work. Always ready to help. Glad I chose your services. Thank you once again.

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