Unipro 3.0 4k UHD Android Setup Box


Unipro 4.0 4k UHD Android Setup Box

The Perfect OTT and media streamer

A versatile android box, A media streamer that enables 4K TV Experience for you.

Output Resolution 4K (3840 x 2160)
CPU Quad-core 64bit
GPU Multi-core high-performance GPU
Storage 32 GB eMMC
Operating System Android 11

Most advance Android TV Box Apps

Want to watch Internet-sourced TV content? You’ll need a Unipro Tv box, with enormous features and apps.

  •  Equipped with Android 11
  •  Chipset AMLogic 905×4
  •  Gigabit Lan
  •  32 GB Storage
  •  4K/Hdr
  •  Unipro TV App
  •  Unipro Classic App
  •  MicroSD Memory
  •  Optical Output
  •  Applications
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Unlimited Features

Android 9.0

Unipro.tv is Equipped with Android 11, the best one in the market yet

USB 4.0

Unipro.tv supports with USB 4.0, which makes it faster

16 GB Inbuilt Memory

16 GB of internal memory is what Unipro.TV is equipped with


Unipro.tv is equipped with DDR4 RAM


Enjoy the 4K Resolution with Unipro.tv

AMLogic 905×4

Unipro.tv is equipped with @mlogic s905x3 Chipset

Gigabit Lan

Gigabit Lan is supported in Unipro.TV

Micro SD Card

MicroSD card is supported in Unipro.TV

Multilingual Support

Multiple languages are supported in Unipro.tv

Setup Guide

  • Step 1: Connect Power, HDMI and if your internet modem is close to TV then connect as well Internet cable if not then Connect WIFI if you not using direct connection with modem (skip the step if you are not on WIFI)
  • Step 3: Select Time
  • Step 4: Set Screen size, updates take few minutes start Rebooting
  • Step 5: Installing Updates
  • Step 6: Select Portals
  • Step 7: Then Select Portal 1
  • Step 8: Put the porat url that your service provider provide you
  • Step 9: Then connect

Technical Details


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