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From an overall full year perspective, we are planning to be cashflow positive. Looking at the levers we can pull over the course the year while we’re managing for growth, certainly closely tracking our DSO, managing our CapEx and really drive a strong cash flow conversion ratio as we can. This one’s for Karen, could you give us some free cash flow thoughts for the rest of the year? And how should we think about the free cash conversion rate for 2023?

These materials are available on the Investor Relations section of our website. During the call and in our slide presentation and accompanying excel file, we will reference certain non-GAAP financial measures, which we believe provide useful information for investors. To drive a culture of inclusion, JLL continues to provide employees access to a range of programs and resources focused on building understanding in the workplace.

Before I close, I would like to thank all our employees across the world for their commitment and hard work, which has positioned JLL to take advantage of the coming recovery in the commercial real estate market. The start of World War II in 1939 also marked the year Jones Lang and Co. merged with a 47-year-old company named Wootton and Son. The union created Jones Lang Wootton, a company whose growth would benefit significantly from the destruction caused by a world at war. By the end of the war in Europe, London bore the marks of German air raids.

And so what was formerly perceived as AA minus will move into that B space, because it doesn’t meet going forward the expectations of tenants anymore. And so on those buildings, you will see an increase in vacancy rates. But at the same time, we see good demand on the best space in all of those markets. And that’s why we still have that very unusual situation which we saw around the world in every major market in ‘22, that vacancy rates went up and the top rents went also up. So we had an increase of the highest rents in all major markets around the world, whereas also the vacancy rates went up.

In the retail and hotel sectors, high quality retail spaces in demand from growth orientated retailers and hotels are benefiting from pent-up leisure travel and growing group and corporate demand. JLL first quarter financial results reflect the continued slowdown in our capital markets business as the tightening and lending standards and rising debt costs impacted the transaction market. Similarly, our leasing business saw declines both in volume and average deal size. In contrast, our resilient business lines collectively delivered positive revenue growth during the quarter despite economic headwinds. Our Work Dynamics business continues to show underlying strengths. And we have recently won several new mandates that will take effect later this year.


Obviously, the geopolitical situation, if there’s further geopolitical disruption, beyond what we already see, that can be a risk to our assumption for this year. But then, on top of that, if the crisis of the small and regional banks gets out of control, which we don’t believe is going to happen, but I’ll leave that to you to make your own risk assumption there. And then second, if the political program offered to all of us around the necessary agreement for the debt ceiling doesn’t meet expectations. And again, I don’t want to predict that I leave that to you to make your own predictions.

Recently, JLL’s shares have performed poorly on both absolute and relative terms. In the past month, Jones Lang LaSalle’s stock price dropped by -20.5%. As a comparison, the shares of Cushman & Wakefield plc (CWK) and CBRE Group, Inc. (CBRE) fell by -19.8% and -15.2%, respectively during the same time period. Jones Lang LaSalle’s relatively higher exposure to capital markets as compared to its key listed peers might have driven the company’s stock price underperformance.

Company Histories

Looking ahead, it appears that debt cost will become more predictable and bid-ask spreads can begin to compress. This process is already underway with global real estate just2trade broker review asset prices declining around 20% on average, from their 2022 peak. Additional price adjustments are likely needed to bring bid-ask spreads back to more normal level.

Meanwhile, inflation is moderating across continental Europe and the US, which will likely result in an end to the current rate hiking cycle that many central banks have been operating under. Our pipelines have been growing as clients prepare for a more stable interest rate environment, and a narrowing of the bid-ask spread. These factors in addition to the significant amount of dry powder sitting on the sideline, provides a clear path for recovery interest action activity.

By the mid-1960s, the company’s presence in Australia had become entrenched, developing into an operation consisting of nearly two dozen partners and a staff of 300. Jones Lang Wootton’s success in Australia served as a springboard for expansion throughout the Pacific Rim. Offices were established in New Zealand, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

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And as just in the last two weeks, we closed the deal where a couple of things were competing quite hard for the debt side of it. We have seen spreads going below 200 basis points on industrial, for example, on multifamily on some retail assets, where we still see some hesitancy is clearly around xm broker review the majority of the office products where spreads are still above 200. Shares of commercial real estate brokers have underperformed the real estate investment trust (REIT) and the broader stock market by a wide margin this year, and they could remain “choppy” in the coming months, but JPMorga…

Jones Lang (JLL) to Manage Rolls-Royce’s Global FM Operations

The process of integrating operations and creating the appropriately sized infrastructure to support the new concern consumed time and resources, leading to an actual net loss of $94.8 million in far more than expected. So even if we have to take there some write-downs in the coming quarters, due to some capital events, which we don’t know about yet, we are absolutely confident that we get substantial appreciations in the years to come. So we would like to ignore those movements on the equity earnings site in the next couple of quarters, because it’s very hard to predict for us.

As the company fleshed out its presence in the Southeast Asia and Pacific regions, it also broadened the scope of its operations closer to home. Jones Lang Wootton expanded into Scotland in 1962 and into Ireland in 1965, followed by a push into continental Europe. An office was opened in Brussels in 1965, paving the way for expansion into Holland, France, and Germany. Mindful of opportunities to the east, the company opened offices in Budapest, Prague, and Warsaw. Our first quarter office sector fee revenue fell 17% slightly better than the 18% contraction in global office fee volume according to JLL research.

First quarter leasing fee revenue declined 18% following a 46% growth rate in the prior year quarter for a two year stacked USD growth rate of 26%. As macro conditions varied across regions, so to that our leasing fee revenue, with the Americas down 21% and EMEA falling best cryptocurrency brokers 12% while Asia Pacific grew 23%. The strength in Asia Pacific was largely driven by the recovery in Greater China. Globally, all primary asset classes saw transaction volume decline, along with lower average deal size, but this was most pronounced in the office sector.

JLL is also furthering a workplace of inclusion through the Best Buddies Jobs program. Since 2017, JLL has partnered with Best Buddies to advance career opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. JLL Spark is dedicated to transforming the real estate industry through technology-based innovation.

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